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Winter is Here!

How did everyone fair with today's Nor'easter? Our first major snowfall for the year is always a challenge. Today, we want to help give you some tips on how winter weather can affect your fence and how to help maintain your fence in the winter.

In previous blogs, we've given other tips and always stress the importance of maintaining your fence. Different types of fencing will require different maintenance. For instance, a vinyl or aluminum fence will be fine without much preparation, while a wooden fence requires some maintenance prior to winter and colder temperatures. However, no matter the type of fence you have, as a homeowner you should always be sure to check your fencing.

The winter weather creates a lot of moisture issues, which can be especially bad for your wooden fence. Mold, mildew and even rot can be the result of a harsh winter or over time if your fence is not properly maintained. Here are a couple tips to help with your fence this winter!

  • Prior to any snow fall, check your fence to ensure that it is in good condition.

  • Use wood putty to fix any holes in your wooden fence. Replace any boards that are damaged beyond repair.

  • When it does snow, gently clean the snow off your fence with a broom. For a vinyl fence, the weight of the snow can be damaging to the vinyl causing it to sag, warp or even crack. Be sure to keep snow shoveled away from your vinyl fence, to ensure that it doesn't drift and pile up along the fence.

  • Make sure the top of your fence is still level by running a string along the top of the fence. It is important to always have a professional install your fence to make sure that posts are underground at the right level to prevent shifting soil. If you are noticing your fence is not level, this can be repaired in the spring when the temperatures increase, and it is easier to work with cement.

These precautionary steps help to maintain your fence to help it last for years! If you do find yourself in need of a new fence, you'll want to get this project out of your way before the weather turns. Take into consideration the different types of fencing and the different levels of maintenance for the next time you choose your fence.

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