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Benefits of Starting Your Fence Project in the Winter or Fall

One of the initial perks of starting your project now, is that come spring and summer your fence will be ready for you to enjoy and help with the added privacy when you really need it.

Another perk of having your fence done this time of year is the fact that it won't affect any of your landscaping. When your landscape is dormant, bushes or roses can easily be trimmed back or relocated this time of year without causing any long term damage. It is a major plus if you are looking to add new plants to put them in the ground now. That way they will get acclimated to their environment and will be ready come spring. In addition, your grass will have gone dormant and won't be as affected by our crew and equipment.

By working with us, you will also earn the added benefit of us being able to actually design around the actual fence and not just making plans on a computer with a notion of how the fence will look after installation.

Now, who's ready to get your yard ready? Simply give us a call to get started today (631) 598-0040.

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