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Stay-At-Home Living is Changing Our Lifestyles

It is no surprise that the corona virus has severely impacted our daily lives. From adding additional routine cleaning and sanitation processes in your home to changing the way you go out in public and interact with others. The list goes on.

With these changes, there has been many new emerging trends in what homeowners want in their homes. For starters, everyone wants more space. Space to create an office, a workout area, and a space to educate and learn remotely.

It goes without saying most have spent more time in their kitchen cooking and baking the past couple months so many desire upgraded kitchens with islands and plenty of space. Another added must for many people is an outdoor space. Many have been confined and lack the luxury of having a yard or area to escape to. People are looking to expand their outdoor kitchen spaces and add on patios or decks.

One of the trends that continues to emerge is separation from neighbors. Everyone wants their privacy and wants to maintain social distancing to keep safe. Many people have decided to add shrubbery to their yard or add fencing to help block out neighbors.

Another emerging trend is people being more health conscious with their home designs. For instance, having a mudroom to place your coats and shoes before entering the house. Having antimicrobial or touch-free fixtures to help keep the home environment safe.

As these trends continue to emerge, it's not easy to know which home trends will stick in the future. However, it is safe to say many of these trends will shape home preferences and design for years to come.

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