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Make Friends With Your Neighbors

You have to share a fence or side yard area with your neighbor, so why not make friends with your neighbors? Here are some tips to keep your neighbors happy while also making your yard pretty.

Be sure to always mow and trim your property!

Depending on the season you may have to mow weekly. It can be difficult to maintain your property, so if you do not have the time try contacting a local landscaper for weekly maintenance. Not only will this increase your curb appeal, but it will also make your neighbors happy! Trimming is an important task that many overlook. If you add trimming to your weekly to-do it helps avoid overgrowth. Be sure to rake and dispose of any weeds.

Want to avoid trimming and mowing?

Many homeowners mulch the perimeter of their property. There is less to mow and then you can pick weeds or spray them as needed. Add a layer of mulch and replenish to freshen up the look.

Maintain your fence

Fencing will need periodic clean-up from time to time, depending on the material. You can brush it off with a broom or brush, or even spray it with a hose. When cleaning your fence, be sure to look at the fence and examine if there are any areas that need to be repaired or fixed. Wood fencing, even if it is pressure treated, will need to be stained or painted.

Doing something to your fence?

Are you staining or cleaning your fence? It is always proper etiquette to alert your neighbors if you are going to be doing any maintenance to a shared fence, especially if you or a contractor will be on their property.

We hope these helpful tips, make you and your neighbors good friends. Always remember to be polite and notify a neighbor whenever doing any sort of major yard work.

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