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Essential Maintenance Tips for your Wood Fence

We know how busy life gets, and how often things can be overlooked. That's why we are here! Today's blog will discuss some of the essential maintenance tips to help keep your wooden fence in good condition while helping to extend the life of the fence. Be sure to give your fence regular inspections, especially during the autumn and spring seasons. This is an extremely good habit to get into.

Tip 1: Remove all debris around or on your fence. Branches, weeds, leaves and other plants can build up over time around the bottom of your fence. To help prevent these items from rotting against your fence, be sure to clean them up. We recommend trying to tidy up multiple times in the fall and winter months, as leaves and other debris are falling often.

Tip 2: Check for any problems! Splitting holes and decay can easily go unnoticed. Finding these issues before they turn into major problems is an important preventative measure because they can eventually lead to collapsing posts. Which brings us to our next tip, check your fence for any loose posts! Winter snowfall can cause your fence to topple over if posts are not secured properly. Go around your fence and make sure they are all secured to help forgo it collapsing on you.

Fence maintenance can help extend the life of your fence by twelve or more years! Now, that is a significant amount of time. You've invested a lot of money in your fence for many different reasons and it is worth protecting your investment. Now, let's go check that fence!

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