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Storm Watch

There's another storm brewing, Elsa is on the way. This is our friendly reminder to prepare your home and backyard for the storm before it's too late! Be sure to secure fences, outside chairs, benches, outdoor furniture, etc. If you have a shed or garage, store everything there. If you don't have this extra storage space, try keeping furniture items away from the house and in a secured area so that it won't blow away or hit your home.

Be sure that your vehicles are parked in a safe spot as well. Charge up your devices and if you have filtered water, set some aside in jugs in case you do lose power. Also, be sure to have flashlights, lanterns and or candles accessible, should you need to use in the dark. A cooler is also a good idea to have nearby, in case of loss of power for an extended period of time - pick up some ice and keep beverages and any various food items cool.

Let's all stay safe! Please share any tips with us that you think others would also find helpful.

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